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    Are Your Heaters Ready for the Cold?

    Are Your Heaters Ready?

    With Autumn approaching it's time to make sure our heaters are ready to heat. Download this infographic pdf below from L.B. White and follow the steps.

    Heater prep infographic

    1. Inside Heater: Use Use compressed air, a soft brush, or dry rag to blow out, clean, and clear away cob webs, etc. inside the heater and on major components. Dust off the motor case to prevent the motor from over-heating. Remove the fan and motor assembly and brush or blow off the fan blade assembly. See owner’s manual for instructions. Additionally, make sure the burner air inlet venture ports and the casting are free of dust accumulation.
    2. Orifice: Check heater orifice for plugged hole. Use compressed air or a soft, dry rag to clean. Do not use files, drills, broaches, etc. to clean holes as doing so will enlarge and cause damage.
    3. Wiring: Check all wiring, associated terminals, and electrical components within the heater for corrosion, frayed or cut insulation, tight connections, etc. Repair or replace as necessary.
    4. Thermostat: Check continuity of thermostats. See video at www.lbwhite.com for instructions on how to do this.
    5. Regulator: Make sure units have regulators, and they are in good condition. Regulators must be inspected to make sure the regulator vents are not blocked. Debris, insects, insect nests on a regulator can block vents and cause excess pressure at the heater. Regulators can wear out and function improperly. Have your gas supplier check the date codes on all regulators and check delivery pressures to the heaters to make sure the regulator is reliable.
    6. Valve: Make sure gas valve is turned to the on position. This may have been turned off for storage.
    7. Limit Switch: Check and reset the (two) high limit switches, one at each end. Simply push the red buttons in. See owner’s manual for instructions on how to test or replace.
    8. Leak Check: Check hoses for nicks and cuts. Check connections and fittings for corrosion. Replace if defects are found. Test fire unit and check for leaks.



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