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Propane tank and the Purge It Vac

Most new tanks come vacuum purged which makes getting the methanol in the tank an easy process. You will need a container of methanol and a hose. You can use our Purge It Vac (part # PURGE-IT-VAC) or a POL fitting with a hose connected to the service valve. With the hose in the methanol slowly open the service valve. The vacuum will suck in the methanol usually 1 pint per 100 gallons.

If doing this does not pull in the methanol you need to check and see why the tank lost vacuum. If your tank is not vacuum purged follow these 6 steps.

  1. First, never purge with liquid propane. This will chill any moisture in the tank.
  2. From an already purged tank connect a regulator set at 15 psi. Then connect it to the service valve of the tank being purged (needs propane in the already purged tank).
  3. Open both valves. When you reach the 15 psi shut off the tanks and bleed off the tank that is being purged.
  4. Repeat step 3 five times. On a 1000 gallon tank, it takes about 18 and ½ gallons of propane to purge.
  5. On the first purge, you will remove about 50% of the air, on the second purge about 75%, on the third purge about 87.5%, on the fourth purge about 96.8%, and finally on the fifth purge 98.4%.
  6. Now add methanol usually through the fill valve, add some propane pressure, and you are done.

One more note on tanks that have a vacuum in them, never remove the fill or vapor caps until you have positive propane in the tank. This will cause the tank to be contaminated. Also, remember to always add methanol and propane pressure through the service valve the first time.

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