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Blue Rego Regulator.

Dollar for Dollar, are you getting the same Quality and Warranty on that other regulator that you get from a Rego Regulator?


Let's Take the RegO Challenge!

  RegO Other Regulators
Years Producing Regulators 108 Years Less Than 5 Years
Regulator Catalog? Detailed Catalog None
Where Designed, Manufactured, and Tested Designed, Manufactured, and Tested in the USA Only Tested in USA. Manufactured in China
Always setting the highest quality in the industry? Yes No History
Warranty Life 10 Years Only 5 Years
Life of Service 25 Years Service Life* No History
Number of Parts 19-22 35-38

Based on millions of installations for more than 108 years

RegO Innovations:

Brown Rego Regulator.

  • Pancake Style
  • First Twin Stage & Twin Stage 2 lb.
  • Back Mounting
  • Integrated Relief
  • First ¾" Outlet Compact Backmount
  • Repairable and/or Replaceable Seats can be easily accessed by service personnel

All of these innovations were copies by other regulator producers


More RegO Benefits:

Red Rego Regulator.

  • Only sticker for Gas Check® Form with ID Number and Manufacture Date
  • Vent options available based on customer installations needs - RegO offers most variety options
  • Always provides Full Performance Curves Charts for every regulator
  • Distributors are all factory trained. Will support regulator for its lifetime
  • RegO bonnet cap keeps water out
  • MEC wrench flats too big for typical wrench. RegO uses the common 12" adjustable wrench
  • MEC compact 1st stage regulator uses 4 bonnet screws and can leak. RegO uses a crimped bonnet which fits under a tank dome easier.


According to the other company's Warranty, in order for the warranty to remain valid, their regulator must be kept in continuous service. It should be removed and discarded if, for any reason, the gas flow is not continuous.

Consider this:

  • What about an out-of-gas situation at the customer location?
  • What about moving the regulator to another customer?
  • What about temporary installations such as construction heat, or grills, or cookers?
  • What about seasonal uses, such as cabins, where the gas is off for long periods of time?

According to the other company's Warranty, the answer to the above questions is to remove and discard the regulator because the warranty is void.

RegO does not have this limitation.

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