5 Signs You Need a New Regulator On a Propane System

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For Rego regulators.

1) Your appliance burner requires the regulator to maintain a constant gas pressure.

If the regulator fails the gas pressure can fluctuate.

2) Improper burning of the fuel is called incomplete combustion.

The flame height increases and decreases. The color of the flame changes and can cause sooting.

3) You smell gas coming from the regulator.

It could be caused by a hole in the diaphragm. You would smell the gas coming from the vent of the regulator.

4) If your regulator was under water for any reason it should be changed out.

When a regulator goes under water, debris and/or chemicals can get inside the regulator spring area. This can cause the spring to corrode and fail. The regulator can look as if nothing has happened but over time the damage can cause a failure.

5) Regulators have a date code stamped on them and should be changed out according to manufactures specifications.

Check out RegO’s 25 Year Silver Service Life below.


RegO® Products, has, after a careful review, decided to make the following recommendation regarding the service life of RegO® regulators: In general, inspect regulators regularly as outlined in the RegO® Products regulator safety warning and replace as required per these recommendations. When all these recommendations are followed, the recommended service life of an ECII/RegO® regulator (except single stage) manufactured after 1995 is 25 years.

RegO® has made this change after a review of the following issues:

  • Changes in the 1995 edition of NFPA 58, which eliminated single stage regulation in permanent installations and increased downstream protection to 2 PSI.
  • Participation of propane marketers in the "Gas Check" program.
  • RegO® regulator design enhancements which have included:
    • Udylite body and bonnet treatment and an enhanced painting process
    • Fully molded diaphragms, including a molded bead that seals between body and bonnet.
    • Buna "O"-ring seal between the body and inlet nipple
      • Enhancements to the spring casing screw, relief spring retainer, and spring adjustment device.

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