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This question comes up a lot. There are several different regulator styles and sizes. Each regulator has its own purpose and your installation is going to determine which regulator you need.

Small Cylinder Against the House

Two compact twin stage regulators.

If you are only installing a smaller cylinder up against the house for an appliance with a BTU rating of under 525,000 BTUs than you can use a compact twin stage regulator. This style regulator takes tank pressure and converts it to working pressure (9"-13" WC) through a two-step process.

Installing a Larger Tank Away From the House

If you are installing a larger tank away from the house than you will need two separate regulators.

First stage regulator.

A first stage or high-pressure regulator and a second stage or low-pressure regulator. The first stage regulator takes tank pressure and reduces it to 10 PSI.

Second stage regulator.

The second stage takes it from 10 PSI and reduces it to 9”-13” WC.

All of the regulators are available in many different sizes depending upon what size pipe and the amount of BTUs you are using. With any gas installation make sure to check your gas line sizing chart.

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